In the standard formulation of quantum mechanics each physical system has an associated Hilbert space and the porperties of the system are represented by subspaces which are closed. This makes it possible to calculate probabilities of conjunctions and probabilities of disjunctions of some properties. However, as all the properties are referring to the same time, it is not possible to form conjunctions or disjunctions of properties at different times. With the goal to overcome this difficulty; a theory of consistent stories had been developed. This theory defined a sequence of properties at different times. Our research group has been developing a research agenda on these issues. We have shown for example, that the so-called collapse postulate can be deduced from the calculation of probabilities for a composite quantum system of three parts. We also developed a formalism called Generalized Contexts (GC), which allows assigning probabilities to the combination of quantum properties that occur at different times. The GC formalism is applied to the description of physical situations of interest. The group aims to analyze the measurement process in the GC formalism.