Since its creation by Dr. Antonio Introcaso, the Group of Geophysics has worked on measurement, processing and interpretation of geophysical data, mainly potential field data (gravity, magnetics, geoid), over the Argentine territory and neighbor countries, in order to construct reliable models of geologic and crustal configurations, within the frame of the plate tectonics. The main target areas are the Andean Cordillera, Sierras Pampeanas, and sedimentary basins related to oil production. The need of better processing this information stimulated the development of software and publication of new numerical methods, which constitutes another important line of research.

Research line: Tectonic interpretation.

Novara, Iván. Post-seismic deformation of the Andes between latitudes 31º S and 43º S and longitudes 71º W and 59º W, from gravity and geoid data.
Pesce, Agustina (Phd thesis). The trough of Loncopue..

Research line: Numerical methods.

Guspí, Fernando. Improving methods of linear convergence in gravity inversion.
Guspí, Fernando; Pesce, Agustina. Merging geoid and free-air anomalies for a large amount of gravity observations.

Some published papers:

Guspí, F.; Novara, I., 2012. Generalized Hilbert transforms of the effect of single magnetic sources. Geophysics, 77, J7–J14.
Introcaso, A.; Gimenez, M.; Martínez, P.; Ruíz F., 2009. Cacheuta sub-basin (Mendoza province) isostatic state interpretation, using geoid undulations. International Asociation of Geodesy.

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Guspí, F.; Introcaso, A.; Introcaso, B., 2004. Gravity-enhanced representation of measured geoid undulations using equivalent sources. Geophysical Journal International 158, 1-8.

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Guspí, F.; Introcaso, B., 2000. A sparse spectrum technique for gridding and separating potential field anomalies. Geophysics 65, 1154-1161.

Published book:

Introcaso, Antonio, 1997. Gravimetría. UNR Editora. ISBN 950.673.1284.

Meeting presentations:

Guspí, F., 2013. Solving inverse potential field problems by incorporating simplicity norms. LXII Meeting of Unión Matemática Argentina, Rosario.

Martínez, M. P.; Fanton, G.; Sánchez, M. A.; Ariza, J. P.; Lince Klinger. F.; Guerra, E. I.; Morvillo, M.; Guspí, F.; Introcaso, A.; Aguilera. D.; Leiva, F.; Alvarez Pontoriero, O.; Spagnotto, S.; Nacif Suivre, S.; Furlani, R., 2013. Magnetic featuring of mineral deposits in the southern central Andes and precordillera (28-32ºS). Universidad Nacional de San Juan, 40 anniversary.

Guspí, F., 2011. Improving magnetic inversions by calculatiing in close form the Hilbert transforms of parallelepipeds. XIX Meeting on Numerical Methods and Applications (ENIEF), Rosario.

Guspí, F.; Novara, I., Carugati, G., 2010. Generalized Hilbert transforms of the effect of single magnetic sources. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting of the Americas. Foz do Iguazú, Brazil.

Gregori, Salvador Daniel; Alvarado, Patricia; Guspí, Fernando; Sáez, Mauro. Estimating the seismic hazard generated by the northern region of Mendoza, Argentina. 24 Meeting of Asociación Argentina de Geofísicos y Geodestas, Mendoza.

Doctoral theses:

Novara, Iván, 2012. I.- Methods for transforming gravity and magnetic anomalies to optimize geophysical interpretation. II.- A significant tectonic contrast in the Argentina-Chile Andean structure detected from gravity anomalies and geoid undulations.

Gregori, Salvador Daniel, 2011. Seismic hazard in the central-west region of Argentina.

Crovetto, Carolina, 2008. Modern techniques to study geological structures from the gravity potential.

Del Cogliano, Daniel, 2006. Joint GPS and gravity modeling of the geoid. Application to the geological structure of Tandil.

Introcaso, Beatriz, 1999. Interpretation of potential field anomalies by statistical estimation of related parameters and transforms.